To Our Sponsors and supporters : Thank You

please thank  Mushroom FM, run by Jonathan Mosen, for their support of my event next year.  In particular, please thank Bruce Toews with his Show: Toews on the Waves.  Also, please thank The Fringe, with  Your hosts, Sarah Cranston and Rich Ring.
Mushroom FM, Home of the Fun Guys.  visit them at or look them up in your AppleTV under the Eclectic category.

Johnny Molloy: Thank you for your time and effort in making a difference.  Visit Johnny Molloy, Outdoorsman and Writer at :
Thanks to the RS Games Team for placing my event on their server.  Visit for really fun, free accessible games that work on your PC, Mac or Linux computer.
Thank you Ross Hammond of The Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind for agreeing to have my event articles published.  Please visit the magazine at to follow my story and other stories that will leave you craving for more.
Thank you,  Bob Branco , for agreeing to post my article in your magazine, Consumer Vision.