Site 4: Brownville Park Boat Ramp

The Brownville Park Boat Ramp is our next major mark as we move down the Peace River.  While we do not stop at this location, we know that this place marks an estimate of about two and a half hours (about 9 miles) before we get to our destination in Arcadia.  The Brownville Park Boat Ramp is also located in Arcadia and is usually very busy with families basking in the sun and in the water. Located right on the Peace River, Brownville Park offers a convenient boat ramp to launch your kayak, canoe, or boat. Many kayakers and canoeists paddle north, up the picturesque Peace River, then turn around for a lazy tranquil float back. We don’t typically go up river as we are trying to complete this leg of the trip on the last day. 


You might enter the following address on your GPS to get to the Brownville Park Boat Ramp:


1885 NE Brownville St, Arcadia, FL 34266

DeSoto County

Park phone number: 863-491-5333