Site 3: Gardner Boat Ramp

The Gardner Boat Ramp has always been a place to relax and take a load off.  From this location, we have always found a local that is willing to take us for refreshments and ice, for a price of course.  We don’t mind paying a little bit extra for additional ice and refreshments we always require.  The larger the group, the sooner our ice tends to run out.  Gardner gives us an opportunity to reset and refresh, while waiting for team members to get back from the excursion to the local store 20 minutes away.


When we are not rushing, we try to get to Gardner  Boat Ramp as early as possible on day 2.  Typically, we get to Gardner Boat Ramp around 12 noon but there have been times when we have not made it by noon on day two.


To get to the Gardner Boat Ramp, located in Zolfo Springs, FL(Hardee County) : Take US 17 for 10 miles south of Zolfo Springs. Turn right on River Road (becomes dirt), go 1.5 miles to boat ramp.