river trip from ft meade to canoesafari, by Dan Meads, Canoe Safari Owner (July 24, 2012)

Our July 20th trip was a memorable one.  We made record time by paddling 65 miles in two days and 3 hours.  We only stopped to sleep and eat.  Here is the message sent by Dan Neads, Canoe Safari owner.  Please note that the original e-mail content is pasted with dates.

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To: Jose Tamayo
Subject: river trip from ft meade to canoesafari

  Hello ; my name is dan Neads . I am the owner of canoe safari on the peace river Arcadia fl. On July 21, I took jose tamayo and friends to ft meade park  for a 3 day 67 mile trip on the peace river . They successfully completed this section of the river. they have completed other sections many times ,but this was the first on the upper stretches. thanks  sincerely  Dan Neads . 863 990 0772