Great Strides Walk on April 28, 2012 - Miami Lakes Graham Park

On April 28, 2012, the Great Strides walk took place at the Miami Lakes Graham Park.  We arrived with Meli early and were greeted by a few of the staff members that were present.  When everyone arrived, we had a count of more than 20 people in our team.  Registration began at 8 a.m. and so did the rain.  Meli had her umbrella but she was not going to let anyone stop her from walking at her first Great Strides walk. 


The festivities began and preparations were under way around 9 a.m.  Everyone was really excited to be part of this wonderful cause and walk.  We took many pictures which were posted on this site and our FaceBook page.  The stretching and preparation occurred under the rain.  The mayor of Miami Lakes was present and declared that this year would be the year for a cure to Cystic Fibrosis.  He also declared that he would be walking this walk under the rain.  Everyone was excited an we were counted at more than 200 present at this walk.  We began the walk; some on foot, others on wheelchairs, and one on harness.


The 5k walk began.  We started walking and we made sure to show our presence.  The route was well designed to keep us going through the traffic areas where we could be seen.  I could imagine, with no sight, that many people were observing us on this great cause.  We were together and we were making a big difference.  In the darkness, I could see the excitement and fervor in everyone’s eyes.  The sight was beautiful and the energy even more invigorating.  Some were straggling and others were up front but all were truly happy to be here.


We yelled, Meli, Meli, Meli, Meli, and we did it with pride.  The moment when we arrived at the finish line was even more exciting.  We were greeted, congratulated, and the smiles I pictured even more beautiful.  We did it, one more year of Great Strides.  One more year of raising awareness and raising hopes for the many children that know a cure is even closer today!


We raise $45,000 and we raised many hopes.  God bless all of us for being able to bring something from within and expressing it in a way that makes such an impact in our community.  We won’t stop here; we won’t let anything get in the way of finding a cure.  We won’t believe anyone that says it is impossible.  Why? Because we will declare soon that CF finally stands for Cure Found!!!!